On Burning Ground

Post-apocalyptic dark fantasy produced by the amazing team at Mortis Maledictum.

The fires are coming

I wrote On Burning Ground during the pandemic. It was an intense, post-apocalyptic short story that I tried to have capture the general sense of dread and the way life felt like it was slipping away between our fingers. I wrote the story, and like many things during that time, I shoved it in a folder and promptly forgot about it.

Welcome to 2023.

So, here I was working on Dead Things when the team at Mortis reached out asking if I had something new they could run with. I've written for them a few times, namely Poison Pills and the forthcoming God's Country, so I knew what to expect. I knew whatever I sent them, they'd treat it with the utmost of respect and put nothing but top notch talent on it.

That was when I stumbled across On Burning Ground. It's a story about love, and life, and hanging on when everything else says not to.

It's a story about a dad, a daughter, and maybe a dog.

It's about remembering how to be human when the world is very much not.

What are you waiting for? Go, watch, and listen to this latest Martin audio treasure.

On Burning Ground