Coming Soon - Of Dust and Demons

New Dark Urban Fantasy from the Mind of Martin Shannon

"Time has a funny way of moving..."

I'm super excited to share this one with you. As of late I've been writing a lot of horror. In fact, the Blood and Pulp section of my back list as grown dramatically, but I never for got about my first love.

I am a huge fan of dark urban fantasy.

It's in that vein that I dug deep into that mysterious head of mine and pulled up something new and interesting, but also vaguely familiar.

Of Dust & Demons is a story of found family, of mistakes, and of Magick set to the backdrop of 90s Florida. It's a big story at over 120k words, and for the second time includes stunning never-before-seen ink illustrations from none other than John Cobb. John's creepy artwork was a big part of my childhood. I still remember the gothic weird vibe he brought to White Wolf Games in the 90s.

That's why I tracked him down and threw money at him until he agreed to help make Of Dust & Demons something special.

It's an exciting story, a fast-paced story, a quintessential martin tale.

You'll find links to it here starting late November. It's my way of saying "Thanks!" to you, my readers.


PS - In the meantime, here's the back cover copy:

Jackson Miller is a seal breaker, a man of magick who strikes bargains with dark things and lives to tell the tales.

When a vengeful teen lands at his doorstep caught up in a deal with Melpexoriq the Many, Jackson throws in his lot to save the gothic girl from herself, and to keep a high school dance team off that denizen of the Thirty-Seventh Velvet Hell's bloody menu.

But that is only the beginning. Rachel has a knack for power and Jackson takes her as his assistant. It isn't long before the machinations of the unseen world acquire an interest in this potential seal breaker and drag them both into a twisted web of dark magick, malevolent spirits, and living sigils.

The sickly green glow of Baba Yaga's lighter casts its pallor over their perilous and uncertain future, and as the worm turns, all will be revealed.

There are deals to be made, seals to be broken, and so much dust to fall on deathly shoulders.